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Service is what we do... Infact that's all we do!  So many times we see people buy from large dealers, then not have the support they need for years to come on keeping their unit in good working order.  At Southland, we believe that the correct preventative maintenance can save thousands of dollars, and keep camping in your RV a pleasure, not a nightmare.

Therefore our training goes beyond most facilities.  So no matter if you have an issue with your HWH hydraulic jacks, or your Powergear electric jacks, or a gasoline engine or a diesel engine - we have the experience needed! 

Here are a few examples of our in depth work on our customer's coaches.  Reaching beyond the levels of expectations, you will find that our abilities are rarely matched

I vibration in the rear of the coach finds        After years of improper adjustment of a
 that a rusted up rear-end gear needs          Slideout, new gear was required

We are a trusted and recommend facility
for all major insurance companies!
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